Thursday, October 6, 2011

American Conquest - Fight Back


[Direct Link] - Stronghold 2 PC Game

The castle-sim and siege-warfare RTS sequel Stronghold 2 at last brings the series to life in full 3D. The King, having fled after the defeat of his armies, now attempts to rule his country from a secret location. It is not known if he is even in the country anymore. Now, powerful barons jostle for what is fast becoming a disintegrating kingdom. It is up to you to stem the tides of their ambition and unite the land under the King once again. Expand your lands while you build and fortify your citadel. Entertain with jousts, lavish feasts and tournaments or rule with an iron fist and dispense medieval justice to your overworked and slovely peasants. Strong hold 2 is billed as the most accurate, amazing and dynamic depiction of siege-warfare and castle-life every portrayed. The game offers players a "castle-life" campaign, enhanced multiplayer capability and a new, innovative redesign of the single player campaign.


Stronghold crusader extreme - Game Online

Stronghold Crusader Extremes gameplay is a seamless combination of city building and real-time strategy. You are put in the armor of a fearless warlord during the Crusades and as sovereign of your own people, your goal is to Lead, Conquer, and Expand. Defend your kingdom against invading

forces with new tactical powers like commanding reinforcements, bombardments and healing. New maps also allow for brand-new, more ambitious conquests.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

[MF]FIFA 2012 - Repack BlackBox (only 2,5 gb)

FIFA Soccer 12 (Fifa 2012)

Revolutionary changes to the most popular sports game on the planet. FIFA 12 brings to the pitch the game-changing new FIFA Impact Engine, a physics engine built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. Gameplay innovations inspired by the real-world of football make FIFA 12 deeper and more engaging. All-new Precision Dribbling delivers a higher fidelity of touch on the ball for attacking players, while Tactical Defending fundamentally changes the approach to defending by placing equal importance on positioning, intercepting passes and tackling. Plus, CPU players have been infused with Pro Player Intelligence, the next generation of player intelligence and performance.

Transformed to look and feel fresh and new from pre-match to final whistle, FIFA 12 delivers an authentic Match Day experience, faster and easier navigation with a new menu system, and over 500 officially licensed clubs. Additional features will be revealed in the months ahead.


Tactical Defending - Fundamentally changes the approach to defending by placing equal importance on positioning, intercepting passes and tackling at the right moment. Tactics and timing are crucial. Defending is now as engaging and meaningful as real-world football. Maintain your team’s shape for greater success.

Precision Dribbling - Enjoy new ways to take on opponents, more time on the ball to make decisions, and complete control of the pace of the game. Utilise close dribble touches in tight spaces, on the wings, and even while fending off an opponent. Now there are new options in 1-on-1 challenges, especially when taking on fullbacks in the corners.

FIFA Impact Engine - Two years in development, the new physics engine is built to deliver real-world physicality in every interaction on the pitch. Experience an infinite variety of natural and believable outcomes in every contact. Players feel more resilient on the ball, push and pull during the fight for possession, and recover from light challenges more easily, preserving their natural momentum. The Impact Engine monitors contact between players in real-time, analysing the force of the collision and impact on the body to detect True Injuries, creating a deeper more challenging Career Mode.


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