Saturday, July 17, 2010

Delta Force: Xtreme Cheats

Running Platform: PC

Delta Force: Xtreme Cheats: Various

Type in the following codes for the desired effect… (unverified)

  • /chtallqf - Unlocks all “quick fight” maps
  • /chtheal - Restores player’s health
  • /chthealteam - Restores team’s health
  • /god - God Mode
  • /health - Full Health
  • Delta Force: Xtreme Cheats
    Unverified). Hit the TILDE ( ` ) key to drop the dialogue box and input the codes:

    I CAN FLY ... Flight mode (no gravity player)
    resetgames ... Ends current match (campaign)
    hitmewithyourbestshot ... Adds extra enemies
    takeittothelimit ... Ammo refilled to max
    iwillsurvive ... Player invulnerability
    closetoyou ... no-target mode on/off
    letmego ... Stage Select (unknown effect)
    sky ... Brightness increased (gamma positive?)
    turbo ... Game speed increase

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