Thursday, September 9, 2010

Steps to Purchase a GAME

1st Step "Pocktet Money Compatibility":

The first step is that you should have enough Pocket Money to Purchase a GAME . . . . :-)

2nd Step "Age Compatibility" :

You sholud verify that the game you want to purchase or download is suitable for your age. Like if you are 15 years old then you should not play the adults games.

3rd Step "Computer System Compatibility" :

You should take care of system compatibility. Mean that you should buy a game that is compatible to your computer or that can run on your system. You should look first at SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS label.
Looking for example ????
Ok see the system requirements label below every post of this blog, and check that you have th hardware that the game needs like if 512 MB is video memory requirements then you should check first that you PC have it. Otherwise the purchase or downloading of that game will be the waste of money and your pricious time.

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