Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Room Zoom : Race - For - Impact - [Game Online]- MF

Room Zoom is indoor rally at it's best! In the twisted Room Zoom manor, use everything under the roof to hone your driving skills and take the checkered flag. You are in the driver's seat of toy cars to race at break-neck speeds through every room in the house, including a spooky lab and a hidden tomb, Online and off. Eight fully interactive environments, with unrestricted driving areas and hidden features, make each race a driving adventure
Room Zoom offers full-tilt arcade style racing in an environment that changes with every lap. In each room you will find objects to push, bump or blow up; this will clear your way into first place but the debris could spoil the lead on the next lap. Gather powerups along the way to help defend against aggressive drivers but beware, you can blow up a cereal box only to have it land in your path. Not everything is about the mayhem, drive unrestricted all over the house and find secret passages that may be a shortcut to the finish.

* Operating System : Windows 98SE/2000/WinXP
* CPU : Pentium III 700 MHz Processor
* Memory : 256 MB of RAM
* Video Memory : 64 Mb
* Video Card : Geforce 2 64MB / ATI Radeon 7500 64MB - Or higher
* 700 MB of free hard disk space
* Sound Card compatible with DirectX 9.0
* 16X Speed CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
* Keyboard and mouse.

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